Mayim achronim—the washing of the fingers after a meal—is a little-known ritual in Judaism, yet one that carries tremendous importance.

Explore the origins and mysteries of mayim achronim in the pages of this book. Along the way, unravel some of Judaism’s most enigmatic stories, including the Garden of Eden, the destruction of Sodom and the transformation of Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt, the Talmudic narratives of Kidor the innkeeper and the four sages who ascended to Heaven, as well as the angelic child of the Zohar.

Secrets of the Last Waters will reveal the mystical dimensions of salt and water, the spiritual purpose of the meal table, the power of hospitality, and the very nature of the Heavens. Uncover the keys to good health and longevity, and the mysteries of Creation and the End of Days. Learn the secrets of mayim achronim and see why the Jewish sages insisted that this often overlooked practice is mandatory for all—mayim achronim chova!

Revised and expanded second edition out now!

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The Jewish Sages teach that staying up all night on the holiday of Shavuot to study Torah is more than just a celebration, it is a tikkun, a spiritual rectification.

TikkunCoverThe 16th-century mystic Rabbi Itzchak Luria, better known as the Ari HaKadosh (“The Holy Lion”) or the Arizal, formally instituted the all-night study session, and prepared a special study guide for the night of Shavuot. While other Shavuot study guides have developed over the centuries, this book presents the Arizal’s original version, in both Hebrew and English.

To further enhance the text, a selection of penetrating insights and commentaries have been included, drawn primarily from the Kabbalistic teachings of the Zohar and the Arizal, as well as the Talmud, Midrash, and the wisdom of our Sages. Beyond the night of Shavuot, this book can be read throughout the year for more mystical insights into the weekly parasha.

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