Thank you for visiting this website, which is dedicated to exploring the depths of Torah knowledge and disseminating authentic Jewish wisdom.

The name Mayim Achronim comes from the little-known Jewish ritual of washing the fingers after a meal. Despite its obscurity, the meaning behind mayim achronim offers profound insights on life, and ultimately hints to the return of mankind to a perfect world. Of this I wrote in my first book, Mayim Achronim Chova – Secrets of the Last Waters

The book lent its name to this website, where I regularly post new insights into the weekly Torah portion and holidays. I have a particular interest in exploring the vastness of the Torah through the lens of history, science, and mystical teachings. This affinity likely comes from many years spent in both universities and yeshivas, while balancing studies in Torah and science, as well as history, philosophy, and martial arts.

Aside from this website, I post video classes regularly on YouTube, and write a weekly blog called Jew of the Week, which highlights the tremendous Jewish contributions to civilization and society. Although much of my time is spent teaching and studying, I hope to publish some more books in the near future. To stay updated and receive a weekly Torah insight, please subscribe to the newsletter.

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– Efraim Palvanov