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Reincarnation in Judaism, Part 2

Reincarnation in Judaism

List of Shiurim: 

Fundamentals of Kabbalah, Part 1 – The Tree of Life 
Fundamentals of Kabbalah, Part 2 – Shattering of the Vessels
Fundamentals of Kabbalah, Part 3 – The Encoded Universe

Reincarnation in Judaism, Part 1
Reincarnation in Judaism, Part 2

Torah & Science, Part 1 – The Big Bang & The Age of the Universe
Torah & Science, Part 2 – Evolution & The Origins of Life
Torah & Science, Part 3 – Kabbalah & Quantum Physics

The Intersection of Science and Mysticism

Apocrypha, Part 1: Understanding Tanakh
Apocrypha, Part 2: Ben Sira & Maccabees
Apocrypha, Part 3: The Watchers & the Book of Jubilees
Apocrypha, Part 4: Metatron & the Book of Enoch

Third Rome #1: Russia, Ukraine, and Mashiach
Third Rome #2: Russia, Iran, and Gog u’Magog
Third Rome #3: Russia’s Hidden Role in Hasidism & Zionism

Noah’s Ark and the Tower of Babel: Now What You Think!
Who Was Og the Giant? (And Other Big Questions in Genesis)
The Real Meaning of Israel
Do You Have Free Will?
Soulmates in Judaism
Feminism & the Curses of Eve
The Four Who Ascended to Heaven
Understanding the Talmud
Is the Talmud Racist?
Archaeological Proof for the Torah and Exodus

Astrology & Astronomy in Judaism, Part 1
Astrology & Astronomy in Judaism, Part 2

Are We in the “End of Days”?
Will Mashiach Come This Year?
Who is Mashiach?
Mashiach: Now or Never

Understanding Mashiach ben Yosef, Part 1
Understanding Mashiach ben Yosef, Part 2
Understanding Mashiach ben Yosef, Part 3

The Hidden History of Zionism
The Truth About Jewish-Muslim History
A Kabbalistic History of the World
The Dragon, the Snake, and the Messiah
Chinese Zodiac in Judaism

Secrets of Purim
Secrets of the Ten Plagues & the Passover Seder
Mysteries of Pesach
Secret Origins of Lag b’Omer
Idra Zuta: What Really Happened to Rashbi?
Shavuot and the Book of Jubilees
The Powerful Link Between Tisha b’Av and Tu b’Av
Why is Rosh Hashanah the New Year if the Torah Doesn’t Say So?
The Kabbalah of Yom Kippur
Chanukah & the Light of Creation
Chanukah’s Electrifying Secret
Secrets of Tu b’Shevat

Judaism vs. Christianity
Judaism vs. Islam
Judaism vs. Hinduism

How Sephardic Jews Shaped the World
Understanding Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes
The 18 Decrees of Beit Shammai
The Truth About the Lost Tribes of Israel

Blessings You Don’t Say but Really Should!
David and Batsheva: A Mystical Love Story
Abortion: What Does Judaism Really Say?
Jewish Dream Interpretation
Kabbalah of Music
The Matrix and Judaism

Power & Meaning of Prayer, Part 1 – Why Pray?
Power & Meaning of Prayer, Part 2 – Birkot HaShachar and Birkot haTorah
Power & Meaning of Prayer, Part 3 – Korbanot, Pesukei d’Zimrah, and Shema
Power & Meaning of Prayer, Part 4 – Amidah, Kaddish, Aleinu

Did the Talmud Predict Today’s Crisis in Israel?
The War in Israel and How to Help
The Coming Solar Eclipse