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Is the Talmud Racist? (Video)

In the following class, we address the two biggest claims of Talmud critics: Is the Talmud racist, and does it really preach lewd behaviours? Find out what the Talmud truly says about gentiles and mankind, about marriage and family life:

For part one of this series, see ‘Understanding the Talmud’.

For more on ‘Did Moses Have a Black Wife?’ see here.

Background photo is of Semei Kakungulu, the Jewish king of Uganda. Learn more about his fascinating story here.

Death of Hellenism, Then and Now

As we prepare for the start of Chanukah this Sunday evening, it is a fitting time to once more explore the relationship between Judaism and Hellenism, between ancient Israel and ancient Greece. This will be our third such installment: In the first one, we explored how Hellenism influenced Judaism, while in the second we took an opposite look at how much Judaism influenced Hellenism. To break the tie, we will now analyze why it is that ancient Greece ultimately collapsed while Israel flourished and, by extension, why the spirit of Hellenism that has been reignited today is doomed to fail while Judaism will continue to thrive. Continue reading