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Is the Talmud Racist? (Video)

In the following class, we address the two biggest claims of Talmud critics: Is the Talmud racist, and does it really preach lewd behaviours? Find out what the Talmud truly says about gentiles and mankind, about marriage and family life:

For part one of this series, see ‘Understanding the Talmud’.

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Background photo is of Semei Kakungulu, the Jewish king of Uganda. Learn more about his fascinating story here.

On Soulmates & Marriage

Where does the notion of soulmates really come from? Explore the Torah origins and Jewish understanding of soulmates in this class, where we also discuss how Adam and Eve were created, how many soulmates a person might have, and some keys for building a successful marriage.

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7 Types of Love

In this week’s parasha, Vayera, the word “love” appears for the first time in the Torah. There is a general rule that when a certain term appears for the first time in the Torah, the context in which it appears can teach us the true meaning of that term. Nothing is coincidental, of course, so if a word makes its first appearance in a particular place, this is where to look in order to understand its significance. It is specifically when God puts Abraham to the test that the Torah tells us Abraham loved his son Isaac (Genesis 22:2). There is much we can learn from this. Continue reading